life as a disabled citizen of the UK

I was born with a condition called Equinus. I found this out later rather than sooner when I was assessed for problems with my ankles and feet. Since that time I have suffered a number of injuries and have found that, while some go away, some of them remain and are incurable in me where they are not in others. In 1978 I managed to find myself with 2 fingers amputated and a third left to heal as best it could. That healing meant I have a finger that has a fused bone and voluntary movement only at the knuckle. My hand since then has been painful and on occasion so painful I have had to do silly things like double my pain killers. in 1995 I suffered an injury to one of my achilles tendons. I tried to carry on as normal but was hampered when the tendon swelled up so much I could not place one foot in front of the other without so much pain I would have welcomed the offending foot being removed there and then. Unfortunately, my attempt to cary on working made it so that the other ankle was over-worked and it too swelled and thus I had tendonitis in both achilles tendons.

By the year 2000 I had managed to be off work twice with the second time being the more intense. I have been unable to work since. in the past 10 years I have been having problems with my feet yet again and this time I found I have Plantar Fasciitis, in both feet. That means the tendon that is web like on the sole of the foot has inflamed muscled attached to it. The usual treatment for this is to use insoles, however the more extreme the attempt to sort the problem the worse it has become. I have now got to the stage I use a wheelchair a lot of the time to allow me mobility.

If you add a few other problems i have to live with, like oesophageal acid reflux (i was born with the sphincter at the top of the stomach open and inactive) and irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, depression and ptsd, it could be said my life is a complete mess. I however do manage to carry on and do what i can to help others with their own forms of disabilities and illness’s.

I volunteer with a group listed as a Community Interest Company (CIC) based a long way away from me. The internet is a brilliant tool for me to use. I can converse with others in a way that means they do not have to be face to face with me, reducing my chances of having a problem and wanting to run away. It can take me a long time to write anything down and with the computer, it allows me the time to write and occasionally start over. you may ask why I am writing this down. I have decided to try to document some of the issues a disabled person in the UK has to face. it is not the most pleasant of subjects to write about and it may become more political as I progress but for now it will relate to the ways the temporary able-bodied people dismiss the person in the wheelchair or maybe that person has another disability that does not need a wheelchair. there are a lot more out there who do not need the chair than those of us that do. I do not claim to be the font of all knowledge but I do know a lot more than my peers, which I try not to show too much.


history repeating itself

In the 1930’s Germany was taken over almost entirely by the nazi party. They drafted policies that meant Germany was intent on full employment for all german citizens. This however came at a high cost. Wages plummeted but workers had to work more hours and with the jobs provided the workers were not as unhappy as they could have been. To make this goal work, the nazi party implimented policies to rid the country of all people not of german decent. This meant all immigrants were shipped out, deported or in some cases placed in what were later to be known as concentration camps. Not only were these people simply got rid of but all germans not able to work for any reason, where also removed and in most cases left to starve. Thus anyone disabled of working age were simply disappeared. They were ignored and left to die. Any german not wanting to work for the low wages offered and high hours were also made to starve. All social security systems were simply done away with. You worked or you died. There was no help if you got sick.

There is a document called the weimar constitution that in 1933 had been rewritten to allow the nazi party full control of the country. Hitler had any disidents either shot or imprisoned, where they were left to starve and die. There was later the building of new camps within what Germany had claimed as land they were entitled to. One of these camps (Auschwitz) had a steel gate head with the words (translated into english here) ‘work sets you free’

We come now to 2017. In the UK the government has been using very similar tactics as the nazis in 1930’s Germany. Wages have dropped and people are having to work longer hours to make ends meet. If you do not try for a job you are refused any financial help and basically left to starve. This is not all. The government have also been deporting immigrants on the premis that they are not earning enough to be allowed to stay here. The fact they were asked to come in the first place by the same government seems to be being missed. Also the workers being got rid of are those that work in the hospitals and other medical fascilities. The disabled of this country are also being targetted in a similar way. If you are disabled you must prove again and again that you have not recovered to be allowed any financial help and even then the government have decided 80% of all genuine claims are to be turned down, regardless of evidence. They even have a slogan for this underhand tactical maneuvering .. ‘work sets you free’.

I have been considering the ethics of the Germans, who were tried for war crimes and for the decimation of a large number of people under their ethnic cleansing policies. It looks very much like the government in the UK has become the nazis of the 1930’s. They even have plans to place disabled people into institutions away from public view. I can only surmise that this is to make it easier to kill off even more of them so that they can claim to have saved money on the so called benefits bill. the etgics of the nazis in 1933 to 1945 Germany are playing out again in the UK in 2010 2017. The big question is ‘When will the World see what is happening and put a stop to it again?’


A journey into the unknown

When discussion is undertaken about meditation and out of body experiences, it is always about the act of spirit walking, visiting the spiritual plane or even the astral plane. This is seen as where the spirit or consciousness leaves your body for a while and reaches out into the unknown. No discussions occur on the way to discover yourself within. I call this the inner path of discovery. It is in effect a way for you to explore your own self, right down to following the rhythms of your breathing, heart rate and blood-flow. If you are really good at it you can observe your body processes in a way that is more fascinating than taking the astral path. In this way you can observe your body as it continues to produce new cells from older cells and see how it removes the dead cells within to allow the body to remain functioning. I use this method as a way of reaching a calm that does not come with the outer journeys. It is a way of observing how the body reacts to both outside and inner conflicts, be that fighting a cold or dealing with stressful situations.

For the inner journey you need to have control of your body. That means you must be aware of your breathing and heart rate. These will slow down, in some it may slow down to a point you struggle to breath or think you are about to die. If this happens you need to stop and take deep breaths. This indicates you are not ready for the journey. With my naturally low heart rate and low body temperature, I sleep with all my systems in a natural low and thus I found the inner journey easier than some that have tried. A low heart rate or body temperature is not needed to take this inner journey, just the ability to control your breathing at a low rate. The effect on your body is almost a stasis the body left to do its work as you concentrate on a point within yourself. This is the start of the journey and as with your travels outward, is also the point you must return to at the end of your journey. I call this point the doorway. It allows you in and out as you please.

As you concentrate on your inner being you should feel a little like you do when you visit the astral plane or, spiritual plane. The main difference is in the fact you sink into yourself instead of fly away. The first sensation is just how dark it is or rather, seems to be. You will feel a deep sense of awe as you start to see what you have descended to. The electrical energy you see will light your way into seeing more and more wonderous sights. If you manage to gain enough of an insight you can observe your muscles illuminated within their electrical sheathes. at this level we are more electrical beings than we are solid. It is almost as if your body is held together be this energy alone. As you learn to do more and see more within this inner journey, you will be able to move about almost like teleporting to new places as you watch your body at rest. You may even wish to travel the routes the blood travels and watch the interactions as you go. In time you may find you relax more easily after a hard days work or hard exercise. It is all due to your newer ability to understand your body. in the end you must always return to your starting point and journey out to what is absurdly called reality.

Religion and its meaning

In my life so far, i have met many religions and studied some of them in more depth than some so-called regious followers of that faith. I have read the bible and the koran in that order. I have to say that the books in the bible are all slanted in one direction in a purposeful way. In most religions they tenets are about the same. You live a life of peace and allow others to do the same. Have respect for your elders and those that live within the church, mosque, temple, meeting-house, etc.., those that preach in the name of their faith have to be listened to and obeyed. I have to smile at these aspects of religion and other such things within the books they hold so reverently. They are in fact the mouthpiece of a vast organisation controlled by religion. in my own view religion is the same regardless of its language, buildings used for worship or place in the world. religion is one specific. it is a way to brainwash the general public into believing that something, that was written down hundreds of thousands of years ago, will affect their daily lives.

Some feel the call to religion and they go willingly to be engulfed in the tenets of their chosen belief. others join the church as a kind of tradition. this tradition is one where one member of the family goes into a well paid job and another goes into the church. for some that is their only option in a family ruled by strong traditional values. it is almost a coercion and is most likely directly related to a past where the church put pressures onto families to place a member into the relgion so that there was some influence over them from, not just the church but, the family member within it. in my youth I went to church and attempted to blend in. i had thought it was a way to learn about my differences but alas this was not the way for me and there were moments of unrest until the day an argument broke out between a leader and myself over an issue that i was unhappy with. the result was i walked from the church and never returned. My decision was almost like lifting a heavy weight from my shoulders and i almost floated within thin air for a while as i looked into what my reality was. I knew then that my life was not ordinary, in comparison to my sister or anyine else i knew. In a way I think my father knew I was not ordinary, in that he had also had a falling out with his church. his falling out had also been over me but he also made it clear his falling out was related to their attempts to gain contributions of money and then refusal to help when it was needed. He found out a lot later what I had always known about the church. it calls for your money and your soul but gives very little in exchange. my sister never did work it out and, still has no idea.

We come to the meaning of religion almost as an after thought but it is the pillar that holds the church up. All other pillars can crumble and fall but this will always stand tall. The church in its own way is what people call the illuminati. It has been there for thousands of years, well before christianity and islam were even a twinkle in someones mind. Their basis for existance is to manipulate the humans on this planet in ways that alow them to take a solid hold and sooth the troubled minds in a way that makes their manipulations easier than it would be any other way. We all think of money as the root of all evil but, money has always been the domain of the few. These few have always professed to be religious but what the common human does not understand is the relation between money and the church. If you have read the bible you have gained some insight into the ways of the church in ancient times. it was used as a money gathering place where people came and changed one kind of money for another. That gave a lie over the truth of the matter as the church was seen as the place to do such things. I a way it was at that time but what is missing is the reason for it all. The church’s connection with money was and still is a lot tighter than that. at that time they were the instigators of trade between different cultures and different religious practices. If you look into the so called pagan religions you will see a similar connection. the church, as it were, was the instigator of religious practices but that always involved money for either preaching or sacrifices.

Money is not their only device for control but is the largest of the bunch. another device is almost a forgotten control. It is the morality of the populace at large. you live by the tenets of the church so you work and play but always go to church to confess and be absolved or to listen to the sermons and pray. To the muslims this control is more tightly wrapped into their daily lives as they are forced to pray into a certain direction, five times, every day with an extra one on a friday. It is human conditioning that makes people go to church but if you look at it fully and with an open mind, you will find there are holes in the arguments used for their controls.

At some point in reading through this you have asked yourself,, ‘what about the secret societies like the masons’. I have to say that these are the many limbs of the beast called the illuminati. they have been around for thousands of years. One notible member was Alexander the great. however there are also other limbs to this beast; the Knights of st John, Knights templer, knights hospitallier, knights of the teutonic order, the order of the buffalo, and many more. All of them are inextricibly linked to each other and to the church. some of their links may not be as clear as others but i see them as clear as a thick  spiders web.

The illusion of time

Time is a strange concept really. Given that we are supposed to be a short-lived race the concept of time is almost comic in its construct. Given also that I have been on this planet living a life of sorts, I do not feel the years as counted by man to be fitting to my senses. I have been here over 50 years and while the physical body I call home is aging I do not feel the passing of this man-made time at all within my life-force. It is almost as if the human lifetime is but a blink in the eye for me. I have done what I was asked to do by others, helped my fellows in their tasks and counseled when required. I have spent most of my life here attempting to bring people together and helping mend rifts in those i have met and got to know better.

There was a time i was convinced I was only here for a very short time and that I was going to have to do what I could in the time i had. That time came and went so I am living on what I would call borrowed time. It feels strange using the concept of time when it feels so foreign to me. It still feels, after all these years, that I am an alien on this planet and that I should really have been placed elsewhere. I have however done my best to make my time here well spent. I am reminded of a conversation with a friend who assumed i was a younger person. His statement when I gave my age, which is twice his nearly, was that time itself must be foreign to me. I could not help but smile at that. he has been awake as I call it for 2 years and is not hopeful in his outlook in his search for companionship. He has no girlfriend as of yet and is scared he will scare away any hopefull females due to him being enlightened. I have tried to assure him that all will be well but it reminds me of something I have experienced in my own life so far. I have lived a long life in human terms with more to come it would seem but, i have not opened the door to my enlightenment to many at all as they passed theough my life.

I made the decision long ago that I would not tell others of my enlightenment for the sake of not myself but for any I may have joined with either in marriage or lived with. My decision was tempered by the simple fact that i could not see myself trying to force anyone else to comprehend my beliefs in such a way. Even now it feels strange to be making this journal. For the sleepers out there I will seem to be as the title suggests, deluded, while enlightened among us may just understand where i am, whether they are new or experienced in the ways of enlightened thinking. I am sure someone out there will look at this and think I have gone further than most but others still may see me as a novice. It is not a matter of ‘time’ with enlightenment but the grasping of the concepts your newly awakened mind is playing with.

If you are enlightened and looking for love, take it from me that you have nothing to fear but fear itself. You do not have to open your mind fully for any partner you may wish to live with in any way you wish to. It would be nice if we could just be open up and hope that the other half understands but that is not quite how it all works. By all means be truthfull but also remember that how you see things is not going to be quite the same as your potential other half. Enlightenment may not happen to your other half. They may not even know what that word even means. It is not something that will happen to all as i have stated before and for some it may never happen. The path we travel is long and narrow with twists, turns, circles and criss cross additions. The job of finding the right one is yours alone and compelling another to try to follow yours is fraught with dangers for yourself as well as the other you try to lead. If they are the one for you then they will follow the same route on their own path but there is no guarantee their path will stay along side yours. Just enjoy their company for the time you have with each other and remember, they have the right to sleep on or wake in their own time just like you.

wealth and its acquisition

I am reminded of some lectures from Alan Watts on money. His basis for one particular lecture was money and the law of things, or at least the title in YouTube suggests that title. I was recently asked about the lecture and what I thought about it. I said I agree 100% with his statement that wealth is not money. However it got me thinking a little more about what I truly believe about money and I came to the conclusion that not only do I agree with Alan Watts but I can go further into the issue to a place he did not take that lecture. For those who have never heard of Alan Watts he is described as a spiritual entertainer. He died some years ago but most of his talks, lectures or just entertainment (however you see then), are preserved in writings and digital recordings of his words.

From the time humans first managed to stand erect and go about hunting and gathering, there has been a need to barter. this is a fact that cannot be changed. However, the act of bartering and the use of money do not really mesh into a single ‘act’. The dictionary states that to barter is to exchange one item for another. To be more exact, the art of bartering is to exchange something you have an abundance of, for another that you do not have or have very little of. It is not only something that was done all that time ago in human terms but is still done in parts of the world today. Bartering is an act of cashless interaction between people looking for what the other has and agreeing on terms for swapping said items. bartering does not need money at all and to try to mix the two concepts just adds chaos to an already working system. At some point in human history, money was invented and this brought on the idea of greed. The barter system decreased but did not die as there are still places using this system as I said above.

Money is irrelevant. Wealth is not a result of collecting pieces of paper or precious metals. Real wealth is nothing at all to do with the human need to gain money. When you collect this money you inevitably have to let some of it go again. To that end you could have all the money you ever dreamed of one day and the next have nothing at all. The real acquisition of wealth is through the use of the mind, your brain is the collector. Wealth is knowledge. To increase your wealth you need to use it and the best way to do that is give it away because, the more you give away the more you accrue. The more you use your knowledge for both yourself and others, the more knowledge you gain as a result. Yes money is useful to an extent but, it is only a tool to be used to live a life on this planet in the way you would like to. That is the way things have progressed but is not really as good as it looks to be.

A truly money free society could be the best thing ever enacted. All humans would then have a chance to contribute to the wealth of the world, remembering that wealth is knowledge. There are some people so wealthy, they do all they can to teach others and learn more about life and our surroundings. They are the powerhouses of our true wealth. Even the poorest of our worlds population has more wealth than the richest money hoarder on the planet. All anyone can do with that much paper and precious metals is look at it and hope some other person does not come and take it from you. We also should remember that the paper and the metals are only worth anything at all because human society has decreed it. Different parts of the planet have different kinds of money but the truly wealthy, are like a man in south africa who has a farm with lots of cows. His wealth is in his knowledge that he has the ability to barter a cow for all he needs, other than his cows and what they can provide for him and his family in food. To such a man, the most precious item found in the dirt is of no worth at all. you could offer all the money in the world and he would walk away without a deal but offer him security in his life and enough cows and, he will part with all he can find in the dirt. Money has no value to such a man and to be honest it is not worth the paper, ink or the metals that make it up.

one day the people on this planet will wake up and realise that all they hold onto and covet is of no worth compared to what they know and understand, within the knowledge of the world. Only then will there be a chance for peacefull coexistance and only then will humans be ready to learn what is true wealth and how to live together as one group of humans.

Delusions of grandeur

When you become enlightened you feel as if you have stepped up a level in existence and all you knew before is of little importance. Also at that same time all those you have known in your life so far seem to become lesser beings as you look on them in a new way. You need to remember that they are no lesser beings than yourself. You are not the first nor the last to attain enlightenment. The new landscape you see is not new at all. It has always been there. All you have done is open your eyes to its true vastness, beauty and diversity. You have not become a god in your new perception, any more than one who is not enlightened is not a god. You are still you. the basis of all knowledge you posses is still based on questioning all you think you know and you cannot stop questioning now. If anything, now, even more, is the time to question what you think you know. This is the time you will be seen as going mad by your friends and family. You have to think seriously about how you approach the subject and remember, the more you wander off in your new state of wonder and awe over what is truly out there, the more you will have to work to stay in the relationships you have forged.

One of the many dangers in your new self is the need to talk to others about what has just happened to you. The consensus of most if not all enlightened is not to do so. This danger is the danger of trying to convert others into believing in what you are saying. if you were to succeed in this endeavour you would be in a way closing yourself into a world of religious idolatry. In a way this would be like moving above the man-made religions only to start a new one, with yourself as the god. It would be a total hypocrisy to even think of such a thing. You would also be in danger of finding yourself ostracized and even prosecuted. If you are looking for respect from your fellows both enlightened and not, this is the wrong way to do it. Become a scholar, learn anew, take the time to converse with your new found knowledge and question yourself on everything you believe. Some of us meditate and some have used meditation to find their way to enlightenment but, this is not for all and some find themselves enlightened without the meditation. as I have stated before I myself was born enlightened so most of the aspects of becoming enlightened did not really happen to me. I also did no meditation until my late 20’s when I trained in martial arts. I found that meditation worked in new ways for me as I was able to control the pain i had been in since i was 17, having lost half a hand at that time. In my meditations I also found I had been neglecting part of my own learning and found new ways of gaining knowledge. As I have already said meditation is not for everyone and some find it is not needed as much. It is a way to focus on yourself though and if you feel you want to try, you may find new aspects you can explore.

Try not to show your frustrations at others inability to understand your changes why, and how, they have come about is of no importance to them. Despite your eagerness to tell someone you should be careful in your manner telling anyone at all. It is not that you will be seen as brainwashed or even that you may be seen as trying to ‘convert’ but, the simple fact that your explanation is so hard to understand, for anyone not enlightened, that they will not understand what you have told them. You are liable to be the recipient of what is termed as a ‘knowing nod’ while the person will most likely be contemplating calling on medical help. Then there are the ones that seem to understand but are in fact being overly condescending. You may feel you have managed to explain your new self but, in truth ,the person you told has probably forgotten already before they even manage to get through the door and make their way elsewhere. Save your time and energy for the needed task of exploring the new you. Believe me when I say that even though I was born enlightened, I am still learning not just about me but also about what it means to be enlightened. That part is always going to be a place of learning.


I have long had the feeling of being watched. It is not a new phenomenon either as others have also stated the same. However my assertion is not just at being watched but being followed almost. As i traverse the wonders of my enlightenment i often feel the call from other beings, be they on this planet or elsewhere. I judge no-one on their experiences and those that say they talk to plants and that plants talk back are not news to me. Plants have always been in our genetic path and as with all living things they have ways of communicating with both themselves and other species. I have often been visited by bees and had them land on my hand or arm, as well as rescuing those that find they are far from home and need respite for the night. Wasps on the other hand have always been another story. While I will leave them to their own thing if they stay away from me and what I am trying to do, they will attack for the slightest of reasons and have even attacked other wasps just for the sake of it.

I have a robin in my garden, who takes it upon itself to come and say hello and check what I am doing. it will even land on my shoulder occasionally. In a way it is as if this bird is my shadow when I am in the garden. What I seldom hear is the wind singing. Occasionally i hear it singing in the trees and it has a transe like quality but lately, for some unknown reason I hear it singing a human written song. The song itself is of no real importance in the whole experience but, it felt like something was happening that could have a profound affect on both myself and this planet we are all trapped on. Now I will not spoil anything by predicting anything, that just puts people into denial mode. When I was 12 I could have stated that in less that 20 years there would be a craft using electromagnetic propulsion, that train in japan they call the bullet train. As it was I knew even then that making predictions do not get you anything but derision and isolation. I have no need to prove anything to anyone.

To go back to the winds song, as this was the main reason for this post. I decided to take some time and meditate. I did not go out and visit nor did i delve into myself. I sat and waited for a while in a state of concentration but aware of all that was around me. In this state I can hear even the jackdaws in my unused chimney, as they wait out the night. the song had died down at this point but there seemed to be something else in the absence of the wind. it was almost a call for me to go out and commune with it more directly. I decided not to do that but take a spectral stroll instead. the image of a wind waiting for me was strong there but also, it transended the reality and came to me in the spectral world i was walking in. We discussed a few things and it is then I realised I was being prepared for another jump in my awareness. How things proceed are not quite as I was thinking but then I have questioned it a lot over the last few days and it seems that I am growing more atuned to a lot more than I had hoped for.

The path to enlightenment

Some look for teachers in their search for enlightenment. Others visit monasteries and sit for days at a time meditating on the meaning of something they feel is profound. Most searchers are looking for a well trodden path that will lead to a goal. I have to disillusion you if you are one of them. Enlightenment is not the goal you seek. Enlightenment is the beginning not the end. For those looking to become enlightened I will impart a few words of wisdom. You seek your ‘goal’ in the wrong place. Once you find your way to enlightenment then your journey truly begins. Your visits to the holy places like monasteries and temples may give you some satisfaction but enlightenment is a whole lot more than that. to become truly enlightened you must be ready to change your entire outlook on life as you know it on this planet.

Ever since I heard about people looking in places for a way to become enlightened I have questioned the need to follow others into the well trodden paths to teachers and spiritual places. I understand that it can be seen as a spiritual thing and that being in a place you feel is the right place to find yourself is not in itself wrong. The place to search for your enlightenment is not out there in the world but inside yourself. That is where your search must go. In the same way that looking for a teacher is not really the way to find yourself, neither is thinking a place will help you do what you must to gain where you wish to be. Your mind already has the answers you seek, although you may yet have to find the questions needed to obtain those answers. For some it can take a lifetime and others may take more than that and never find them. Each of our own answers is not a group adage, it is a singular truth that is not just within us but is a part of who we are. We as a group are a diverse selection of unique individuals that have a need to be working as a whole. Some of us have passed that level and are true to our spiritual selves in that, we understand that as a group we are single units that can perform as a group or on our own with equal ease.

I use spiritual as a means to an end. this planet is full of people who believe in spirits. In a way they are correct but also they are wrong. I am trying to impart some kind of a guide for all you seekers out there but it will not help to just try to follow what I am trying to impart. Your need is great, I know that you will find something by looking but be aware there are many paths in the way and your own single hidden path is the one you seek. I say hidden but not physically hidden, more a clouded area or one you cannot see. Think of it as a magic trick using smoke and mirrors. your mind is not calibrated to see the illusion for what it is, a simple trick of the mind. If you find a dead-end, just remember, it is part of your learning process and a new beginning with a little more clarity on your directional needs and choices. Not every one will choose the path they are looking for but then they do not have to. Most people do not even realise they are on the wrong path. Neither do they recognise the right path and, some may even walk right past that which they seek as their mind-set is looking for something more profound.

As I have stated, enlightenment is the beginning of your journey to something a whole lot bigger and different from what some see it as. When you finally find your starting place, as it were, you start to feel a change in not just your mind but in how you react to the world around you and further out into the vastness of ‘space’. For some it feels like a mild electrical current is flowing through their bodies. It is as if they have suddenly awoke from a dream state and they are energized and ready for a million mile run. What you are really feeling in this state is the change you are starting to accustomize to. Here is the starting point of your enlightenment. This point you reach is called the awakening. There are a few things you may want to do almost immediately. Your first thoughts may be to tell the world you have achieved your goal. Unfortunately the world is not listening. the world is going about its own way and is all but closed off to your revelation. your second thought may be to go pray, if you are religious. This is not really a point in which to claim devotion to the god you worship. you have simply started your long journey to a new and vastly different life.

The journey

A journey starts with a single step. It is always a premeditated step and, is set in a specific direction. Whatever the reason for the starting of such a journey, its outcome relies on our ability to traverse the wilds and learn as we go. Learning is a big part of any journey. In a small way it is learning the way for later use so that the same journey can be undertaken again if so wished. So it can be said for the enlightened who take their destiny in their own hands and move on forward with open minds. For the journey of life we have one mission; to learn what we can. It is no mistake that mankind searches for a god. He does however fail in his quest due to the constraints he places upon himself. he is looking for a higher being of a kind he can relate to. while they do exist they are not gods. In a way mankind is closer to a god than imagined. We can create life, we grow things and we kill. all these are ascribed to a god. The miracle of life is something mankind seems to take as a given, along with his ability to make a garden grow or to take away life in one way of another. Even a garden is alive, although humans only sees it with a closed mind.

Those higher beings I alluded to are in fact travellers as we are and we mix with them as we take our later steps. We are destined to become higher beings ourselves in time but some may take longer than others, while a minority may not manage the transition at all. When I say we are destined to become higher beings it is not a preordained process. The fact you may be enlightened does not mean you are guaranteed to become one like them, it just means your journey is to ready you for the possibilities presented at some point on your journey. One who is not enlightened has just as much chance of becoming a higher being as an enlightened one. So why do we become enlightened? Our path is one of learning. it can be guided by others who have become enlightened and thus able to help those looking for their own enlightenment. We should show what is available for all if they want it but we cannot ,and should not, try to push anyone into trying anything. It is the task of the person looking to find their own enlightenment. Each and every one of us can become enlightened but, it is different for each of us. This does not mean that we are all disparate. All it means is that we are unique but have a common goal and common learning to follow. Each and every one of us is on a path of our own and thus learning is different for us all. Some of us manage to learn things others may not or learn later. thus enlightenment is not exactly the same for us all.

It is said the enlightened can travel outward onto the astral plane. That is true but also, the enlightened can travel inwards. This inward travelling is a personal thing and allows the enlightened to get to know their own bodies. it helps to bring a peace that is as sharp and clear as an eagles eyesight. The enlightened can also travel on the spectral plane. This is a completely different process to the astral or the inward journey.  For this journey you have to be awake. It is not for the unprepared as there are dangers within this plane that can warp your mind to trap you if you do not take care. The spectral plane is almost psychedelic experience. It carries with it an almost luminous quality that can close in and have you lost for long periods. Your mind must be fully ready to travel this path as it can be fooled into thinking you are not there at all. It is a place of vivid dreams and contrasting colours to the over imagined idea within the dream state. You must be fully able to control your mind to take this path and must not stay too long as the dangers grow all the time you are there. There are some of us that can follow the path in this plane but there are a larger number who cannot even find the door to it and, that is part of the minds defensive state against the dangers within. Some may never find the door at all.

To come back to the higher beings; we are connected to them as they were part of our group once upon a time. they do not need to travel as we do but some choose to do so. They are almost a different type of being altogether, in that they can traverse the states almost at will and some of us are closer to that change than others. you could be enlightened and walk right past one in the streets of this planet and not even know it. they do not try to make it known they are here but some of us know them and do not say, in deference to their wishes. As in all things understanding comes with responsibilities.

Our next step from this life is one of period between either great length or very short indeed but unlike in this life we are not really aware of what we call time before we are propelled back into a life that may be here again or more likely elsewhere. Only those who evolve have the choice of when or even if, they becoming corporeal again. There is no set time to evolve either. Some may evolve as they live in corporeal form or may never evolve. It is a knowledge that is found within as we learn that helps us find our way to evolving. It is the questions you seek to ask yourself that shows the true way.